jeudi 10 septembre 2009


If there is one city that fascinates me except my beloved Prague it's Paris..
It's such a cultural city with all those museums, historical culture, good restaurants ,shop and an amazing fashion history..

It really really amaze me and I love the way some people dress , I think that in those big cities like london, paris , new york or Tokyo people feel more free to dress the way they want..and that is what makes them so special from the fashion point of view compared to some other cities. Just look at the look of Marleena Hills, the cherryblossomgirl, Lainarollacoaster they all have their personal style while still staying in.

For example I live in Ottawa for the moment, and I found peoples style so boring it's almost everyday a mix of legging, t-shirt , jeans and ugg...OMG! It's such a shame, I think that people should feel free to dress the way they want and the way that is more in coherence with their personality...

That said here are so of my set for polyvore inspired by Paris, Hope you'll enjoy them :)

7 commentaires:

  1. I love Paris too! it's one of the most charming cities in the world!
    love all the items btw

  2. thank you very`s true paris is amazing

  3. I stayed in Quebec for a summer and I feel their fashion is a DRAG...boring. I was happy to come home where people were fashion aware. I don't live in a big city but I live in a college town. That's good enough.

  4. you are right...that's what ennoys me here in ottawa or quebec..I can't wait to go to Paris in two years..
    you are lucky to be in a college town that is fashion aware, I wish mine was the same :)

  5. Such gorgeous collages, darling! I especially love that See by Chloe dress!


  6. Great collages!!
    And thanks for your sweet comment!

  7. how did you post your polyvore sets onto blogger? I can;t work it out rofls:)
    I love them btw XD specially the 'funky cocktail' XD